When talking about orthopaedic surgery, do the words “cutting edge” make you wince? Right?

Well take heart and cringe no more.  A number of NOMS ortho pros are offering a minimally invasive, highly advanced approach to total hip replacement. 

If you’ve done some savvy nosing around on the subject you may already be familiar with the notion of the: direct anterior hip replacement.  It’s worth a Google.  It’s a sophisticated technique involving a relatively tiny incision and disturbing only a minimal amount of tissue.  That technique coupled with digital custom templating technology and intra-operative x-ray, is yielding incredible patient outcomes.

According to NOMS’ orthopaedic surgeon, Amar Mutnal, “By combining these key elements, I see my patients up walking a few hours after surgery and virtually all my otherwise-healthy patients go home the same day.  It also greatly reduces the use of narcotic pain medicines, which I have found the vast majority of my patients seldom need.”

A major added perk?  The anterior approach doesn’t necessitate any of the typical post-surgical restrictions required for about six weeks following a new hip – for instance no crossing the legs or bending at the hips, and requiring a pillow between the legs while sleeping or laying down.

“Because I am not cutting through major muscles, patients have less post-operative pain and they are up walking around unassisted more quickly and with easier range of motion,” he further added. “I place a very high value and pride myself in getting patients back to their daily activities as quickly and safely as possible.”

Lisa Nicolella
VP Marketing Communications


To learn more or find out if you are a good candidate for this exciting procedure, make an appointment with one of these orthopaedic masters seeing patients across northern Ohio:


Nicholas Callahan, DO


Daniel J. Karns, MD


Larry G. Lika, DO


Amar B. Mutnal, MD


David A. Pocos, DO


Andre F. Wolanin, MD